The Spring 2024 Season begins April 3 and runs until July 5 (June 3 to June 10 inclusive, no classes)

There are two membership options:

  1. The SNT membership for $118.65 (including HST) which includes a perfect mix of 1 LIVE class each day Monday to Friday and access to the phenomenal private password-protected recording libraries (rolling accumulated LIVE class library plus over 200 shorter workout videos)
  2. The Extended membership for $140 (including HST) which includes all in the SNT membership PLUS three additional LIVE classes focusing in on specific muscle groups using higher rep and low or no-weight methods plus four outdoor BLAST classes per session – NEW

How to register:

You can join at any time in the season and membership fees will be pro-rated if you begin after the season begins.   Send Sue an email at indicating interest, Sue will advise on cost (if beginning mid-session), send payment via e-transfer and Sue will get you all set up with passwords and will answer any questions.

SNT Membership Features:

  • 5x weekly LIVE class experiences via ZOOM
  • large rolling library of LIVE class recordings accessible always
  • extra-large library of over 200 shorter workout videos

Extended Membership Features:

  • All of the SNT Membership features plus the below LIVE classes (and their recordings)
  • Butt,Thighs,Core (BTC) LIVE class, focusing in on these muscle groups in a “joint friendly” way, using a “butt band”, mat, sometimes a chair and your body
  • Arms & Balance (A&B) LIVE class, a class using light weights (1 to 2 lbs in each hand) and higher reps, choreographed to music, incorporating balance to engage the whole body.  Class will either be standing or reclining/side lying/kneeling (i.e. no weight bearing work on the wrist joints)
  • Butt & Thighs (B&T) LIVE class, all body-weighted targeted classes, “joint friendly” using concentrated movements, choreographed to music.



6:30 am Butt, Thighs, Core (BTC) – 30 minutes – part of the extended membership

7:30 am Dance Cardio Muscle – 30 minutes – NEW CLASS TIME 


6:30 pm Intense Strength – 45 minutes


5:15 pm Arms & Balance (A&B) – 30 minutes part of the extended membership

6:00 pm Flow Yoga – 45 minutes


6:15 am Cardio & Strength OR Tabata plus Core (alternates each week) – 45 minutes


7:30 am Butt & Thighs (B&T) – 15 minutes – part of the extended membership

8:00 am Flow Yoga – 45 minutes


April 13, May 11, May 25, June 22 – outdoor BLAST class at 7:15 am on the Burlington Waterfront – part of the extended membership

For more details, please contact Sue at

Class Descriptions

Butt/Thigh/Core (BTC)  = using a “butt band”, mat, sometimes a chair and your body-weight, this 30 minutes class is focused on strengthening these important stabilizing, supporting and moving muscles.  This “new to 2023” class has become a member favorite with its targeted “joint-friendly” approach. ( let’s give the squats and lunges a break in this class!).

Arms & Balance (A&B) = using light 1 or 2 lb weights in each hand and higher reps and also unweighted movements, this 30 minute  “choreographed to music” class involves strength and mobility, switching between small concentrated movements and larger movements.  Balance will be incorporated to involve more stability muscle groups and develop this always important life skill.  This class is “wrist friendly” as it will not involve weighted time resting on the wrist joint.

Butt & Thighs (B&T) = using only your body and sometimes a mat, this 15 minute class targets the butt and thighs without loading the knee joint.

Tabata = a 25 minute class of high intensity intervals of muscular cardio and body-weighted muscle.  Typically 6 sequence pairs of 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest.  And sometimes it’s mixed up a bit with slighter longer intervals of work.  This is a member and instructor favourite because all it requires is a mat and the endorphin rush is top notch!  Lots of opportunities to modify movements so this class is accessible to all levels.

Cardio and Strength  = this class is focused on building strength and endurance in muscles (including the heart) using dumbbells and body-weight. Every class is different, using a variety of methods including timed intervals, supersets and dropsets, tabata and rep targets.  

Flow Yoga = a movement-based practice linking breath to stretch, balance and strength on our mats.  The flow will move from the mat to various standing positions and involve holds on the hands.  Options given to support a participant in their personal practice.

Dance Cardio Muscle (formerly Body Beat) = a “choreographed to music” workout experience.   Without the bounce, vertical positioning (no mat work), higher-rep leg and arm work.  Only props required if desired are 1 or 2 lb dumbbells or soup cans.  A very sweaty and fun experience.

Butt,Thighs,Core Challenge (BTC) LIVE Class = a 30 minute predominantly floor class focused on these large muscle groups using bodyweight and the thick woven “butt band”.